I’m Back!!!

After Censorship on YouTube closing many Cannabis related accounts in a clear censorship move by the powers that be. Contradicts the fact that federal medical marijuana has been legal since 2003  in Canada and recreational use starting nation wide in June 8 2018. A clear shift from illegal marijuana to hundreds of corporations you can buy stock in right now. Urbangrower, Theweedguy,  Customgrow420 and Pot.tv and many more are subjected to censorship for making videos about safe effective safe natural plant federally legal in Canada and Recreationally legal In June 2018. California also recreationally legal and many other states such as California and Washington having state wide marijuana legalization cashing in. The discrimination of censorship is biased wrong and needs to be addressed by all forms of media. If you can’t freely post activism on YouTube about a life saving natural plant curing and treating epilepsy, cancer, nausea, MS, Chronic Pain, Spasms, Turets and many many conditions symptoms. With no physical addiction and impossible to overdose from but more importantly can be grown EVERYWHERE by most it’s a huge threat to the most profitable industries in the world, medicine, fuel and fiber and food. Corporations have a vested interest controlling and profiting from marijuana and these industries they profit from. Videos are being shut down are accounts shut down with the excuse of violating YouTube rules when in reality nothing illegal is being filmed especially on Canadian YouTube accounts with content filmed by federal medical marijuana patients. A doctor has prescribed marijuana and health Canada licenses the patient to grow and use it. But even cities such as Vancouver shifted from a gray area non-profit accepted dispensary self regulated system to 30,000$ business licensing issues City wide regulated system. 

You have to ask YouTube is it really “You” tube when Federally licensed Patients in a country recreationally legalizing this year can’t film, report or use the medication prescribed and licensed to use by Health Canada. Discrimination beyond censorship and of rights are what’s at stake, but more importantly revenue and content worked hard on by many pot tubers is erased in one day with the three strike YouTube close your account method. So instead of accepting what seems to be an insurmountable fight against Youtube and governments and corporations Theweedguy aka Mark Klokeid has decided to declare a Celebration party marking Recreational Legalization of Marijuana for July 1, Canada day. I have been on stage filming using his doctor prescribed marijuana with artist  such as Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, Waka Flaka, Trailer Park Boys, Daniel Wesley, Obie Trice, Ludacris,  Norm McDonald, Missy Elliot, B.O.B, Akon, Just to name a few. Co executive producer of The Culture High and collarborator and appearing in The Union movie, A blood cancer,  bone marrow transplant survivor and an entrepreneur mark has overcome and inspired millions to Live life to the fullest. Refusing to let Youtube or The police or Government control him or any entertainer blogger reporter or marijuana patient.


I have decided to make a huge “WE WON POT IS LEGAL PARTY” 

Funds will be raised to contract entertainers, pay lawyers and lobby advertise and alert and fight everyone in the world discriminating and controlling marijuana. Crowdfunding to pay for civil action against YouTube and other organizations and government or authorities discriminating against marijuana or to boycott and hold accountable these unchecked media and government entities. 

In the coming das Kush.ca will unveil links to donate and partipate in the Free Celebration party Mark Klokeid will organize and raise funds to raise awareness of the censorship and discrimination being suffered at the hands of Youtube, Corporations, Organizations and Police and Governments Or powers that be. July 1 2018 Canada Day join The party and celebrate Recreational legalization Nation wide and continue the fight for freedom from censorship and corporate control. You can share this and make your own blogs or make videos raising awareness about the many videos and channels being erased on YouTube and continued control and discrimination. But no matter what come to the free Celebration with entertainment and support from the people who care about the right to marijuana use. That means You and every human wanting equal access. This is your chance to spread the word make a change and donate to the best free party in the WORLD!!! The “We Won Pot’s Legal” party July 1 Canada Day in Vancouver Canada. Artist and crowdfunding link to be posted soon with update videos. Please Care and Share.